19. Dinard

 Dinard is located at marker 19 on the map of Brittany below.

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inard (pop 10,700) is town named as a “hill bear”, signifying sovereignty. Lying on the Emerald Coast (due to its green waters) Dinard, is a popular summer destination that has been featured in a number of Picasso’s works. Its elegant scenery in summer and tasteful atmosphere in winter has been attracting tourists to the area since the 19th century.

The town centre is around Avenue Edouard VII and the popular Plage de I’Écluse is at the northeast, framed by Pointe de la Malouine and du Moulinet. The bus station is south at Pl de Newquay and the passenger boat terminal sits at Quai de la Perte.



FRANCE ILLE-DE-VILAINE Dinard pointe du moulinetThe Promenade de Clair de Lune (Moonlight Promenade) is situated close to the Prieuré beach, presenting waterfront views of the Rance River and the walls of St-Malo. Each summer night (June- September), this area is decorated by a sound-and-light display that illuminates the Mediterranean-like surroundings (full of vegetation and flowerbeds). 

Numerous biking/hiking trails are also available close to the shoreline, between Plage de Prieuré and Plage de St-Énogat. You can stop at the cliffs of Pointe de la Malouine along the way to experience the ruggedness of the sloping coast.

Dinard is connected to St-Malo via the 750m Barrage de la Rance, where you can see the Usine Marémotrice de la Rance – a hydroelectric dam that generates energy by harnessing the whooping tidal difference in the estuary. More information regarding this gizmo is presented in the Espace Découverte [ +33 299163714 Currently closed for renovations] which documents the construction and benefits of the power station.

No mention of Dinard goes without a reference to its grand Plage de I’Écluse otherwise also known as the Grande Plage. It is has been deemed to be the perfect beach getaway, as it is framed by beach hotels, casinos and its iconic blue-white tents. They are also many water sport activities available here, such as windsurfing and diving. Since Plage I’Écluse was once Picasso’s inspiration, many reproductions of his masterpieces are placed in the sand here, during summer.  If you would like to avoid the large crowds, you can also head to Plage de Prieuré down south or the western bound Plage de St-Énogat.

If lazing in the sun has gotten to you, you can make your way to the Centre d’Interprétation de I’Architecture et du Patrimonie [12 r. des Français-Libres F, +33 298468105] to investigate the town’s local history. Sitting in a villa that is named after Napoleon III’s wife- Eugénie de Montijo, the museum focuses on life in Dinard between the 19th and 20th centuries, when numerous British and American aristocrats arrived here (e.g. Winston Churchill). 



DINARD MAP:   1.  Tourist office   2.  Promenade de Clair de Lune   3.  Pointe de la Malouine   4.  Plage de l’Écluse 5.  Barrage de la Rance power station (outside map limits: scroll map to right)

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