17. St-Brieuc

St-Brieuc is located at marker 17 on the map of Brittany below.

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St-Brieuc (pop 46,000) was named after a Welsh monk who evangelised the area in the 6th century. A significant number of its locals left France for Canada later on, naming a town in Saskatchewan, St-Brieuc, in memory of this place.

The town is located on a plateau between the Emerald Coast and the Pink Granite Coast, with two rivers running through it. It still houses many old homes especially along rue Fardel, rue Quinquaine and rue du Gouët. However, its most prominent building is the St-Étienne Cathedral [Place du Général de Gaulle]- an ancient chapel that is framed by 2 towers, housing striking stain-glass paintings and the tomb of St Guillaume, who died in 1238.  





ST-BRIEUC MAP:   1. Tourist office  2.  Train station  3.  St-Étienne Cathedral 

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