15. Josselin

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ying inland, Josselin (pop. 2 400) is a small, mesmerizing town that tells the illustrious tale of the Bretons and the Gauls. Having housed prolific names such as the Rohan counts and the constable of Clisson, Josselin beckons to those looking to soak up its rich history.

Sitting on the banks of the River Oust, the town’s centre is the old square at place Notre-Dame. The nearest arrival point is out of town, at Rennes.

Josselin’s attractions function as a collective medieval portal. The king of these sights, is the Château de Josselin [Place de la Congrégation,   +33 297223645  www.chateaujosselin.com ad/ch €7.40/5 (Tours must be reserved)], which was built in the 16th century by the Rohans. You can only imagine the extravagance of the original castle; as today only the foundations and a few towers stand tall at the site (managing to look magnificent, nonetheless). Only guided tours of selected areas are available as the place is still inhabited by its heirs. The château also houses a small doll museum in its premises
Musée de Poupées [ad/ch €6.70/4.70].

Behind the castle, lies yet another old building- the Basilique Notre-Dame du Roncier [Place Notre Dame, +33 297222018 ], which dates back to the 12th century.

Every July, these buildings act as a backdrop for the city’s Medieval Festival, which holds grand feasts and even bigger fireworks.


 JOSSELIN MAPS:   1.  Château de Josselin & Tourist ofice  2.  Basilique Notre-Dame du Roncier 

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