1. Roscoff

 Roscoff is located at marker 1 on the map of Brittany below.

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BRITTANY Roscoff phare de roscoff

Roscoff (pop  3,700) is pronounced Rosko in Breton- Brittany’s Celtic language that is still spoken by a significant number of Roscovites. It is a port town that has a predominantly pastoral landscape and iconic Johnnies (local farmers who wear distinctive horizontal striped tops and transport their produce, mainly onions, via boats and ferries). The Johnny tradition is a dying one, which still kept alive by a few young ones. Currently, Roscoff not only cultivates farm produce, it also grows algae which are used in many health and beauty treatments. This fertile land is also spotted with many granite houses that were built in the 16th century.

Roscoff spans across the north-facing bay. Its town centre is bordered by the ports and pleasure harbours to its west, the car-ferry terminal to its east [Port de Bloscon] and its main place Lacaze-Duthiers at its north.


One of Brittany’s most notable churches, the Église Notre-Dame de Koatz-Batz [Notre-Dame de Croaz Batz, +33 298697017], stands here. It is a 16th century church that is predominantly Flamboyant Gothic in style. However, it has a few Renaissance touches (e.g the bell tower).

Roscoff makes use of its fruitful land to house the massive Jardins Exotique de Roscoff [+33 298612919 €5/Free]. The gardens sheathes over 3000 species of exotic plants, most of which are from the southern hemisphere.

If you would like to learn more about the iconic Johnnies of Roscoff, you can head on to the Maison de Johnnies [48, rue Brizeux à Roscoff, +33 298612548 ad/ch€4/2.50] which holds exhibitions of photographs taken of these farmers in the 19th century. Tours are provided, with some even featuring a meeting with the real-life Johnnies of today.


 BRITTANY MAP:  A. Finistère Department D   1. Roscoff  2. Brest   3. Île de Batz  4. Île de Sein  5. Douarnenez  6. Îles des Glenan  7. Quimper  8. Concarneau   B. Morbihan Department  9. Lorient   10.  Carnac  11. Quiberon  12. Belle-Île  13. Golfe du Morbihan  14. Vannes   15. Josselin   C. Côtes-d'Armor Department  16. Paimpol   17.  St-Brieuc  18.  Dinan    D.  Ille-et-Vilaine Department  19.  Dinard   20.  St Malo   21.   Cancale   22.  Rennes  23. Forêt de Paimpont



 ROSKOFF MAP:   1. Tourist office  2. Église Notre-Dame de Koatz-Batz  3.Jardins Exotique  4.. place Lacaze-Duthiers

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