St- Nectaire, named after Saint Nectarius of Auvergne- a Christian missionary from the 4th century (pop 750) is best known for two things- natural springs and soft cheese. The town is home to over 50 natural springs which easily made it a premier spa town in past. The Romans were the first to dip their feet into the town’s springs, one of them being the popular Grotte du Cornadore [+33 473885067,, ad/ch €6.50/5]. The Cornodore Caves [villa le colombier, +33 473885797,] are home to hot and cold springs, as well as a pool bath that lies in its heart. The caves also sheathe stalactites that are over 2,000 years old. The springs and caves can be accessed via the entrance the lies opposite the Église St-Nectaire – a pale-coloured Romanesque church that dates back to the 12th century.


St Nectaire’s cheese-making process can be sighted in the Maison de St Nectaire [Route de Murol, +33 473885796,,, ad/ch €5.50/4.50], which houses a small exhibition that details the production process, allowing you to sneak a taste. The maison also has a store that sells its cheese together with cheese filled pastries.

FRANCE AUVERGNE PUY DE DOME Le site troglodytique de Jonas

Six kilometres south of St-Nectaire is another impressive cave site- the Grotte de Jonas [+33 473963169,, ad/ch €6.30/5.20], a cliff that is home to over 60 troglodyte caves, many still sheathing medieval frescos. Guided Tours are available [ad/ch €8.30/7.20].






ST-NECTAIRE STREET MAP:   1. Tourism Office  2. Grotte du Cornadore & Cornodore Caves entrance  3. Église St-Nectaire  4. Maison de St Nectaire  5. Grotte de Jonas  (south of map limits; zoom out 6 clicks)

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