FRANCE AUVERGNE CANTAL Murat église prieuré de Bredons

Murat (pop 2,045) is a one of the busier towns in this otherwise quiet Auvergne region. Situated in the Alagnon valley, Murat acts as a good base to explore its surrounding peaks, including Puy Mary, and particularly the famous Plomb du Cantal- the highest peak in the department, standing at 1858m, in central Cantal.

The southern approach to the town brings you across the perched Romanesque Église de Bredons (see photo) and provides a sweeping view of the village.  The heart of the town is marked by a giant, white statue of the Virgin Mary, who overlooks the huddle of 15th-16th century greystone houses which line Murat’s streets. These steep and narrow pathways in Old Murat make for a great stroll around of medieval buildings that stand against the dark, basalt stone backdrop. bird’s eye view of Murat.

FRANCE AUVERGNE CANTAL Murat Eglise de Murat Fabien1309

Murat is also home to the peculiar Maison de la Faune (Wildlife House) [
place de l'Hôtel de ville, +33 471200052,, ad/ch €4.70/3.10]. Housed in a superb 16th century mansion, the Maison de la Faune is dedicated to educating visitors about local fauna of all kinds- from insects to mammals. The ground floor is reserved for exhibitions that feature over 8000 mounted insects, while the other levels house displays of over 800 stuffed mammals and birds of prey. Each species is well-documented, including its endangerment level.


Camping along the River Alagnon, at the Camping Municipal Stalapos [+33 471200183,] is also a popular activity. This area is easily accessible, as it located just a few kilometres south of the local train station.





MURAT STREET MAP:   1. Tourism Office  2. Train station  3. Église de Bredons (south of map limits; zoom out to view)  4. Maison de la Faune

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