FRANCE AUVERGNE PUY DE DOME Ambert Église St-Jean BaptisteAmbert (pop 7,016) was once a bustling paper manufacturing centre that housed over 30 water powered paper mills. Mainly supplying the city of Lyon, Ambert was said to be one of the most important paper producers in France. These days, Ambert is better known for its cheese churning prowess and pastoral landscape.

Ambert still preserves the memories from its paper manufacturing heydays, in the Moulin de Richard Bas [+33 473820311,, ad/ch €6.90/4.90] which houses the Musée Historique du Papier. The museum not only details the history of paper itself, it also provides a comprehensive tour of ancient paper-making process, which is still being kept alive here today. The Moulin De Richard Bas still uses the age-old water mill to generate the necessary power that is used to create its unique pressed papers (of which not more than 10 are produced daily). The Moulin also produces unique, handmade flower printed papers (with flowers from its surrounding gardens), which can be used for special occasions. The Moulin even runs paper making workshops for kids.

FRANCE AUVERGNE PUY DE DOME la mairie circulaire d'Ambert

Ambert’s round Hôtel de Ville, which was once the town’s grain store, is located at old city centre and is located south of the  [
6 Place St Jean] a Gothic church that is well guarded by grim gargoyles. The surrounding streets of rue de la République, rue du Château and Place Minimes are lined with pretty, half-timbered 15th century houses.


The Maison Fourme d’Ambert [29 rue du Château, +33 473834923,, ad/ch €5/4] is a heritage museum dedicated to Ambert’s cheese-making tradition. Situated in a former castle, the Maison Fourme still churns out unique Ambert cheese, which is usually found in a cylindrical shape. You can get a tour through the entire process from milking the cows, curdling the cheese to sighting the former quarters of the ancient cheese-makers who lived in these mountainous regions.







AMBERT STREET MAP:   1. Tourism Office  2. Train station (west of map limits)  3. Hôtel de Ville  4. Église St-Jean Baptiste  5. Moulin de Richard Bas (east of map limits; zoom out 5 clicks)  6. Maison Fourme d’Ambert

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