Resting at the bottom of the Vosges mountains and the usual pit-stop for travellers making their way over to Lorraine, Saverne is a quaint town (pop.  11, 966) that exudes the energy of a large city.

Goethe and Louis the 14th century were bowled over by this City of Roses, so check out
the profusion of blooms and the lingering scent of summer in the air at the Rose Garden [Cedex; +33 3 88 71 83 33;, Admission: Free].  A handful of the town’s festivities also take place here.

The Château des Rohan [Place du général de Gaulle, 6+33 3 88 91 06 28, Free; Admission (museum):€2.50]  - a massive Neoclassical building that has seen the passage of the town’s history. The archeological museum housed within is a definite eye-opener with its extensive array of Roman relics.

For your obligatory tourist shot, make a trip to Maison Katz [80 grande rue
+33 3 88 71 16 56; Admission: Free]; an archetypical Alsatian building. Constructed in 1605, the heavily decorated façade of the house has glossed its fair share of postcards. Keep your eyes open for the somewhat disconcerting lines of sculptured human heads.


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SAVERNE1. Tourist office  2. Train station (north of map limit; zppm out 1 click to view)) 3. Town Hall  4. Rose Garden  (north of map limits; zoom out 3 clicks to view)  5. Château des Rohan  6. Maison Katz