Scottish landscapeSandwiched in between the cosmopolitan Edinburgh-Glasgow belt and the mystical Highlands, North East Scotland is everything you had thought about Scotland, and more.  Magical lochs, mountains shrouded in fog, and the classic Scottish swathes of greenery.  Here, too, are coastlines filled with the history of the fishing industry.  And because it occupies a spot between two distinct parts of Scotland, Central Scotland is central to the history of the country.  It is a great concentration of many historical events—the birth of future Scottish leaders, the crowning of some, and the legendary battles against England. 

Nearest to the Highlands, Aberdeenshire has a rich prehistoric period, and has seen the crossing of many from the Highlands to the Lowlands.  It is characterized by rolling hills and mild climate, except in the peaks.  Its people are still largely dependent on agriculture, and the ancient rural villages still thrive in this area.  Venture a little further down and you will find the “big county” Perthshire—home to such wildly disparate natural scenery within its boundaries—wide swathes of flat fields, to glorious peeks, to deep glens, and sparkling lochs.  In the city of Perth you will also find the very spot where Scottish kings were crowned.

Further along, as we head nearer to the urban area of Scotland, you will find Dundee, which is one of the biggest cities in Scotland.  Here you will find in this densely populated city towering tenements dating back to the Victorian era.  Down southwest, immerse yourself in the different isles that make up Argyll, with its dramatic landscape leading to gorgeous lochs.  It is hard to imagine that it is very near the city of Glasgow, when you compare how disparate both regions are.


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1.  Moray & Banffshire to discover grand Moray Firth, cultured Brodie Castle, markt town Elgin with its haunting Cathedral ruins, historic twin towns Banff and McDuff, adorable Pennan and matt whiskey capital Dufftown.

2. Aberdeenshire to find out about Granite City Aberdeen, A93 Scenic Route, royal residence Balmoral Castle, Highland Games home of Braemar with its lovingly restored castle, ski heaven at Glenshee, fishing town Stonehaven and the dramatic Dunnotar Castle.

3.  Angus & Dundee to see the haunted Glamis Castle, the atmospheric ruins of historic Arbroath Abbey, former industrial powerhouse and now cultural centre of Dundee, Scotland's 4th largest city.

4. Perthshire & Kinross to visit home of Britain's only private army at Blair Castle, Victorian resort town Pitlochry, historically preserved town of Dunkeld with its charming cathedral, postcard pretty village of Fortingall, Kenmore on Loch Tay where you can visit an Iron Age Crannog, and the delightful and engaging city of Perth.







Click the link to dowload the PDF version of NORTH EAST SCOTLAND. It covers the counties of Moray, Aberdeenshire, Angus Perthshire and Kinross.